2020 Race Results

Race results for Tuesday night racing top 3 boats in each fleet are as follows: Cruising: 1. Aurora   2.  Mahi Mahi   3. Southern Cross Spinnaker A: 1. Gremlin  2. Veladare  3. Savannah Spinnaker B: 1. Lacey Underalls   2. Razmataz   3. Solaris To view entire Tuesday night race results, on the PSA website, click on Racing, PHRF, […]

THANK YOU Skippers

Big THANK YOU to those skippers who signed up for Gosport Regatta and donated extra $$ to Chumly’s engine replacement loan.  Because of you, PSA is able to put an extra $425  on this loan. As mentioned the proceeds from the Gosport registration will also be applied to this loan as well. Thank you all […]

Commodore Rick Bombard on May 19th, 2020 Regarding PSA Racing Season

PSA 2020 Update and Urgent/Time Sensitive Call to Action  This is a call to action to all members.  Many members, both skippers and crew, have not signed up for the 2020 season because they are in a “wait and see” mode.  Well the board voted  – There will be a 2020 season, a Commodores Cup and […]